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Bach lies at the center of all of my musical inspiration. His Cello Suites and Violin Partitas provide an everlasting inspiration. Gut strings help create the gravity of music, pulling air and sound inward and outward.

My latest obsession is with the so-called Great Violinists- like Nathan Milstein, Ivry Gitlis and Jascha Heifetz. I want to protect the tradition of such Great Violinists, but in a new way, on the cello. Modern cello playing lacks a ertain "decisive" quality that these violinists have, partly because of the heavier strings and type of repertoire. There is a stereotype that cello music is always heavy and dark. I wish to draw on the inspiration from the Great Violinists to find a new sound on the cello- a sound that is at once powerful, decisive, and full, without being melancholic. A sound that does not drown in itself, but instead is the voice of the soul that wishes to speak.



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I use an Antonio Testore cello, c. 1760 laid with Pirastro Spirocore (steel) strings.

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